organic software
agile software engineering
data scientist, big data
cloud computing
artificial intelligence
conversational interfaces


Soulware is a Digital Consultant specialising:
✲ Agile Software Engineering
✲ Data Science, Big Data
✲ Cloud Computing
✲ Artificial Intelligence
✲ Conversational Interfaces

Organic Software are Software Solutions:
✲ Scalable
✲ Distributed
✲ Transparent
✲ Adapted to the business' needs


Software Engineering to develop all kind of applications: cloud computing, web sites, mobile and desktop.

Agile Methodologies to organise projects: scalable, transparent and adapted to the business needs.

Data Science to help companies make informed business decisions.

Search Engines that boost content finding in web sites, mobile and desktop applications using natural language processing tools.

Recommender systems with artificial intelligence for marketing and sales departments.

Conversational Interfaces to facilitate user interaction by means of structured natural language conversations.


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